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Theresa May with Jean-Claude Juncker "I very much welcome the prospect of moving ahead to the next phase," Theresa May said on Friday, "to talk about trade and security and to discuss the positive and ambitious future relationship that is in all our interests." Trade talks, I hear you cry? Not quite yet. For starters, negotiations on the divorce issues that we have learnt so much about have yet to be finalised. There are plenty of technical details that still need to be clarified, in parallel with any discussions about the future. In any case, the immediate priority will be to try to reach agreement on a transition period - for about two years after Brexit - in order to offer business a little more certainty, and everyone else a little more time. But there appear to be conflicting ideas about how any transition would work in practice. The Prime Minister has already accepted that existing EU rules and regulations would continue to apply. But she has also insisted that the UK will leave the single market and the customs union before a transition begins, on the day Brexit actually happens. The European Council's draft negotiating guidelines, due to be approved next week, see things rather differently. "As you know," European Council President Donald Tusk said on Friday, "the UK has asked for a transition of about two years, while remaining part of the single market and customs union." Mr Tusk also emphasised that applying existing rules and regulations during a transition would not only mean the UK respecting the whole of EU law; the UK would also, he said, have to accept new laws without having any say in implementing them. In a further sign of trouble ahead, the European Council expects that the UK would continue to respect the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice during a transition, without having a British judge sitting on the court.


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