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Arnau, vice president of Inditex's board of directors, is a former tax inspector and has been closely involved in the managing of Ortega's personal wealth since 1997. He managed Inditex's tax affairs from 1993 to 2001. Perez is Ortega's second wife. He separated from his first wife Rosalia Mera, who died of a stroke in 2013, in the 1980s. Perez has a seat on Inditex's board as the representative of Pontegadea's 50.01 percent stake. browse around here Her brothers also hold key positions - Oscar Perez is director of flagship brand Zara while Jorge is the director of Massimo Dutti. Ortega has three children: his daughter with Perez, Marta, 33, who works at Zara, and two children from his first marriage, Sandra, 48, and Marcos, 46, neither of whom have pursued careers at Inditex. Sandra, the second-biggest Inditex shareholder with a 5.05 percent stake, works at a Galician charity focused on helping disabled people find work. Marcos was born with cerebral palsy and is severely disabled. ...

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REUTERS/Christian Veron 34/37 left right A signs that reads 'No more dictatorship' and Venezuelan flags are seen during an opposition rally in Caracas, Venezuela, April 8, 2017. REUTERS/Christian Veron 35/37 left right People participate in an opposition rally in Caracas, Venezuela, April 8, 2017. The sign reads 'no more repression'. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins 36/37 People participate in an opposition rally in Caracas, Venezuela, April 8, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins 37/37 By Alexandra Ulmer and Girish Gupta | CARACAS CARACAS Protesters clashed with security forces during protests in Venezuela on Saturday after a ban on a top opposition leader from office breathed life into a fractured movement and fueled the first sustained anti-government demonstrations since 2014. Thousands of people, some carrying signs reading "Dictator Maduro!" and "Elections now!" in support of banned leader Henrique Capriles, took part in marches across the country against unpopular leftist President Nicolas Maduro. Saturday's protests extended a week of unrest sparked by last week's Supreme Court decision in which it assumed the role of the opposition-led congress. The action was quickly overturned, but the global outcry it sparked galvanized the opposition. Security forces blocked the march in Caracas, as they did during two other protests this week, prompting violent confrontations. Protesters lobbed rocks and petrol bombs and burned trash in the street while authorities responded with a volley of tear gas.

"Then, เสื้อคู่รัก เสื้อครอบครัว one of my friends, Porcelain [who's also a drag queen], came to Chicago for a gig, and I tried some of her Sugarpill shadows and really liked them." Doan was a fan of Kim Chi, too. She actually heard of her from Porcelain. So basically, you can thank her for this power duo. Sugarpill's cult-favorite product is its most low-key Early last year, Sugarpill ventured into the realm of liquid lipstick for the first time. The debut shade, Trinket, quickly became a best seller. There's even a four-per-person limit on it. Kim Chi loves it, too. The matte rose flecked with gold is surprisingly outside of Doan's comfort zone, though. "As someone who pretty much wore exclusively bright colors her entire makeup-wearing life, I wanted to step into the world of neutral shades," she says. "But in a market oversaturated with neutrals, I wanted it to be a completely unique and exciting shade that you couldn't find anywhere else." To do so, she combined two different finishes: matte and metallic. Together, they create an everyday shade that is far from other neutral lipstick shades in your makeup bag right now.

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