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It also sponsors two international fashion weeks, which now bear the brand’s name in their official titles: Amazon India Fashion Week and Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo. But 2017 is the year Amazon Fashion is really beginning to strike. At the beginning of the year, Amazon quietly launched seven private label apparel brands, with most SKUs in men’s accessories, women’s dresses, and handbags. In April, it added its own lingerie line with cut-rate prices. Most recently, it announced an extension of its Alexa-enabled Echo product line specifically designed to take outfit photos and give style feedback. Farther behind the scenes, the company is investing in its own fully automated clothing factory, a shipping company (code name: Dragon Boat ), and physical stores. Customers have certainly shown they’re willing to buy clothes from Amazon: in 2016, Amazon registered the most apparel sales of any online retailer in the US for those 18–34, claiming more than double the market share of Nordstrom, which came in second place. Shoppers surveyed in an October 2016 report by Cowen & Co. said Amazon Prime was the main draw to purchasing apparel on the site, followed by high marks for กระเป๋าเป้ ผู้ชาย convenience, customer service, and reviews.

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