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Interestingly enough, I received this cool infographic from Igigi and had pinned that sucker, but I wasn’t ready for the reception… you LOVED THIS. And so, I thought I would take this pin (are you following me on Pinterest?) and share it here, so that you had a fun little reference point to play with. Rather than reinvent the wheel, why not share a tool that I have found (and you have found helpful as well) quite detailed to help you along your shopping journey. Dressing for Your Shape as a Plus Size Woman Now, some of the feedback I had received from this was that “they all look the same” or “I do not know how to find my shape” well, no worries because Igigi was not going to drop this without helping you figure life out! Check out the Shape Stylist, an online tool that helps you identify your shape and then gives you fit suggestions AND shares with you the dresses that will cater to you! Make sure you check out Igigi and the Igigi Shape Stylist to learn more about dressing for your shape as a plus size woman! I am in between an hourglass and a figure 8. These days I think I am more of a figure eight and an inverted triangle than not… BUT, the key here is that I know my shape and have played with enough silhouettes that I know what will work for me and what I will feel comfortable in. I do NOT let it box me in, but I do know which cuts of pants will draw the most attention to this or that, the types of tops I prefer to rock with, and the shapes of dresses that play up the assets the best. For example, I love a great bodycon dress and since I have a defined waist and not the most pronounced hips, I do not mind the fitted feel.

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