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Kragthorpe: Ogden Raptors Hourglass promotion mindlessly crosses the line

Yet that context is exactly why Baggott, who has been celebrated in Salt Lake City and Ogden during his nearly three decades of pro baseball for drawing big crowds and generating clever ideas, should have known better. The June 2015 fallout of Orem's scheduled promotion came just as the Owlz were opening the season in Ogden. Baggott placed himself in the middle of that controversy by defending the Owlz in interviews. He also created a misleading impression about the role of the Orem staff member who resigned in protest of the planned promotion — which had been booked in August, almost on the exact date of " Hourglass Appreciation Night ." That's another story. The point is, Baggott should have learned something from that episode. He's the lovable "Bags," famous for having fun with promotions and testing the limits of good taste, but he crossed the line this time. This is a clear case of his judgment regressing, and it cannot be dismissed merely as "Bags being Bags." As he told The Salt Lake Tribune two years ago, "Minor league baseball will try anything, any time, anywhere. Some of them work, some don't. But none of them have done anything to be malicious and chastising toward any specific race or gender or anything else." Oh, no. Of course not. And in creating his latest promotion, Baggott apparently believed he was showing "appreciation" for women's bodies — notably, their "curves," as the baseball-themed release highlighted.

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