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Jeremy Corbyn Mr Corbyn believes the move will "celebrate the national cultures of our proud nations". Labour says the UK has fewer bank holidays than other G20 countries. Normally, England and Wales have eight bank holidays a year, Scotland nine, and Northern Ireland 10. Labour says the average กระเป๋าแฟชั่น เกาหลี for G20 countries is 12. Elsewhere in the election campaign: The Conservatives are reportedly planning to limit the gas and electricity bills of 20 million people on standard variable tariffs if they are returned to office. Under the proposals, energy regulator Ofgem would cap the deals, which are among the most expensive offered by suppliers Tory party chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin has criticised Jeremy Corbyn's record on security, saying he could not take the "difficult decisions" necessary in the event of a terrorist attack. "The man is not suitable to become prime minister of this country," he told The Sunday Telegraph Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has ruled out a coalition with either Labour or the Conservatives. He told the Observer : "We will not be doing any king of deal, any kind of coalition, any kind of arrangement." The UK Independence Party is expected to pledge a ban on the full-face veils worn by some Muslim women in its manifesto on Monday Under the Labour bank holiday policy, the devolved administrations would have the final say on whether to approve the extra days off. A Conservative source said: "The British economy would be on a permanent holiday if Mr Corbyn got near Downing Street." UK bank holidays Image copyright Getty Images England and Wales (8): New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Early May bank holiday, Spring bank holiday, Summer bank holiday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day Scotland (9): Same, but without Easter Monday, and 2 January and St Andrew's Day in addition Northern Ireland (10): Same as England and Wales, plus St Patrick's Day and Battle of the Boyne Mr Corbyn will say in a speech on Sunday: "The four nations that make up our great country have rarely been more divided due to the damaging and divisive policies of this Conservative government. "But where Theresa May divides, Labour will unite our four nations. "A Labour government will make St George's Day - England's national day and Shakespeare's birthday - a public holiday, along with St David's Day, St Andrew's Day and St Patrick's Day.

The pregnancy, both physically and emotionally, has not been an easy process for me. Dealing with the extra hormones and being very sensitive to everything and feeling outside pressures, she explained. And physically, with my changing body, not having control over that morning sickness, exhaustion, aversion to food, broken blood vessels, bloody noses. All of these things that are not very fun, Whitney added. And Whitney further revealed how her mother had been offended by her honesty. It upset her, the fashion designer said of her beloved mother Vickis reaction to the video blogs title. Whitney shared that her pregnancy was unplanned, and her reaction to how much her body would be changing was a shock to the system. (I always thought) pregnancy was this exciting, beautiful, wonderful, magical thing, until I experienced my own, and it wasnt all of that, she said. I was feeling all these negative feelings. I thought, Whats wrong with me? Why arent I more excited? Why arent I owning this? I havent really had a lot of pregnant women in my life or pregnant friends, so I didnt know what I was in for at all. Despite her confusing feelings about impending motherhood, Whitney is excited that her former The Hills co-stars Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag are also expecting their first children this year, while Audrina Patridge welcomed her baby daughter last year (16).

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View photos All of a sudden, there was a significant reduction in the quality and frequency of couple time. I was in complete social isolation, and withdrew from personal interaction. My husband did not know how to handle what I was going through, and I did not understand what was happening with me enough to tell him what I needed or even know what I needed. I knew something was wrong, but I really didnt want to believe something was wrong with ME. Im RASHEEDA: a tough cookie! When I was growing up, my mom was always strong, and I believe Ive seen her cry one time. I inherited that strong surface, not allowing anyone to see me sweat. However, I knew that I needed to heal, because I was thinking I was an unfit mother and didnt realize that sleep deprivation, hormonal changes and stress after giving birth had a drastic impact on my brain chemistry. When I looked in the mirror, I did not resemble myself whatsoever. I felt worthless, and would get horrible headaches and bad anxiety. When I couldnt take it anymore, I spoke to my doctor and found out I had postpartum depression.

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